Hoarder Life Coaching


The mission of the Hoarder Mart Institute is to assist humanity, and the hoarders there of, in reducing the piles of hoarding to better serve mankind.

It is our goal to conduct on-going research, develop comprehensive studies and progressively find ways to assist all hoarders in the ‘cleaner up’ realms on a individualized and collective sphere of the world. The times of mankind are changing--today we have the technological developments to conduct and apply the methodologies and we shall seek to provide a progressive and sound milieu to provide the various realms of services from such.

The Hoarder Mart Institute:
The Hoarder Mart site allows by a social media community the availability for all hoarder’s to find a benefit for themselves and humanity by accessing all realms of the Institute.

Chief Hoarderologist Secondhand Blu will serve as the Institute’s noted Life Coach on hoardering and over see the research of, program developments and hoarderological/motivational realms in seeking sound ways to turn a hoarder’s dysfunction into a functional behavior to better serve humanity. Hoarderologist Blu will utilize concepts of ‘honesty, belief, trust and acceptance’ in a intrapersonal format, ‘organizing within’ to allow a higher level for success for the hoarder to transform from ‘dysfunctional’ to ‘functional’ and serve humanity by ‘organizing without‘ his or her piles.

Communication, and the tools of, will be a intrical part of the program with emphasis on how to control ‘emotional diarrhea’ as well the preventive measures of longer term affects of ‘emotional hemorrhoids’.
Technological availability to easily and painlessly sell down those piles for a profit or perhaps buying just one more needed item as we venture through the “Piles Less Traveled--and begin a new journey of“.
Secondhand Blu, Hoarderologist will also be available to present inspirational and motivational in-services to organizations, businesses and all other groups of humanity.

For those who may have an interest in the field of Hoarderology the Institute is accepting applications for those interested in a challenging life in this field. You may apply to the program by submitting a request for application on- line at the Hoarder Mart site. Upon successful completion of the course work you will receive a Certification of Recognition as a Hoarderologist Associate from the Hoarder Mart Institution.

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